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Steamers, Beer Flights, and Birthdays

Me, whale watching.

Hello Everyone–

It’s good to be back on thecheesecakeaddiction after a week and a half hiatus. CDR and I had a wonderful time in Woods Hole, we ate delicious food, and kayaked on the ocean. Four days after my return, I’m sipping some tea called Cold Care, nursing a head cold–about 5 minutes ago, I cursed the kettle for it’s high pitched, obnoxious shrill shriek and just ached to return to the Cape. But you’re probably not interested in my head cold. You’re wondering about what I ate this week.

Well, when I landed, first thing was first. I had to have my all-time favorite Cape Cod lunch. The picture was kind of so-so, so I won’t bother with it. But it’s a whole-wheat pita, stuffed with fresh seafood salad and avocado. It’s light, sweet, buttery, and not too unhealthy. This particular seafood salad (from the local market) doesn’t have too much dressing on it, so it’s actually pretty good for you. I LOVE this right before going to the beach. Awesome.

When CDR arrived on Wednesday, I took him to Shucker’s (a local dock-side eatery) for oysters, clams, and fish tacos. Delicious. We also made it to Captain Kidd (where one year earlier I had my first legal sips of alcohol) for a mid-afternoon beer flight and fish and chips.

All delicious. The two on the left (so sorry, can’t remember their names) were my favorite because they were a bit bread-y. And bread-y beers are my favorite.

On Friday, we went whale watching (yay humpbacks!) in Provincetown and got a taste of P-towns finest steamers! Steamed clams in a garlic, white wine and lemon sauce. SO GOOD!! They were slightly gritty, but mostly—they were just delectable. We followed the steamers with a lobster BLT. 

That night, my uncles and dad joined us at the Fish Monger for dinner. I ordered fried calamari for the table. But this was very special calamari. It was served over marinara sauce, but drizzled with a rich balsamic reduction sauce. YUM-O!

One day for lunch, we just opted to stay at home and eat on the deck. CDR made a delicious sandwich (turkey and salami), and we ate it with a heaping helping of Cape Cod Salt and Vinegar chips, which by the way are the BEST chips. Other good flavors: BBQ and Salt and Pepper.

Sunday was my birthday and we went kayaking! So much fun. And so beautiful. That night, we had a pizza party and a chocolate cake with raspberry icing. I couldn’t have imagined a better week. It was perfect.

While I was gone, there was obviously much reflection. This summer has been really hard, and it was really overwhelming to be in this place that I feel so connected to and so much at home. On the coast, with ocean air. I’ve been holding on to a lot, and while I was sitting on the beach a single lyric kept coming back to me.

When everything’s meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am. (Insert epic instrumental solo)

And maybe that’s why I’ve held on. Just wanting to make sure you know who I am. But also, I realized–I’m okay, if you (or for the majority of the readers–this person) don’t know. This place does.

I love Chicago. It’s great for my career. It’s great for food. I met my best friends here. But I belong in Woods Hole.

I should be by the ocean, sailing, kayaking through rocks and seabirds, walking in nature, cooking seafood, swimming with jellies, and never twenty feet from

…a miracle.

So, I’ll have to get there someday.



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