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Weekly Cocktail: Mulled Wine

And we’re off into another week of snow, cold, and all around grossness.

I know. I know. The snow is beautiful and today it isn’t THAT cold out.

But COME THE F*** ON! Again? Seriously? I would KILL for a garage spot and truck with 4 wheel drive right now.

Mother Nature, we beg of you, “Let the sunshine in, dammit!” Just for the love of you, PLEASE let us creep above 25 degrees.

I’m sitting here, not really sure which of the many meals I made this week to tell you about. I do know that I’m sitting here with a winter weight on my chest, tension seizing my body, and I’m trying not to cry over something as trivial as snow.

I promised myself to work on my blog at least three times a week this year so that it can start to grow and perhaps someday be my source of income, but in this winter I find myself paralyzed, over and underwhelmed, and unmotivated. (SIDE BAR: Does anyone out there in the WordPress community want to help me figure out that whole monetizing thing?)

Excuse the pity party just this once–please and thank you. And now I bring you the only thing suitable for this weather: MULLED WINE.

Start with a nice, but cheap red--preferably a merlot. My go-to: Purple Moon.

Start with a nice, but cheap red–preferably a merlot. My go-to: Purple Moon.

Measure out 2 cups

Measure out 2 cups

And 4 oz of brandy

And 2 oz of brandy

In a small saucepan, put 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 TBS of granulated sugar.

In a small saucepan, put 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 TBS of granulated sugar.

Add peppercorns and whole cloves.

Add peppercorns and whole cloves.

And some orange peel and blade mace (blade mace gives you a nutmeg flavor).

And some orange peel and blade mace (blade mace gives you a nutmeg flavor).

Pour in wine and brandy. Bring to a simmer, and then turn off the heat and steep for ten minutes.

Pour in wine and brandy. Bring to a simmer, and then turn off the heat and steep for ten minutes.

Using a coffee filter, strain the wine.

Using a coffee filter, strain the wine.



Tada! Serves 2 !

Tada! Serves 2 !

Stay warm, kids.


Recaps, Plans, and Bus Rides

Four. That’s how many Starbuck’s there are in the O’Hare American Airline terminal. Four. Just saying.

I’m writing this from the Peter Pan bus line, on my way to Woods Hole on Cape Cod. The flight passed without much incident, except for the bro-iest take-off ever and the bickering flight attendants. Already, as I settle into the familiar bus seats, I’m feeling a sense of ease wash over me. Going home (or at least one of my homes).

So, there quite a bit of food to recap. Earlier In the week, I made a huge pot of white bean and chicken soup with kale. See the process below. Start with onions, shallots, garlic and celery sautéing over medium-high heat in olive oil and butter. Also, add some fresh thyme and bay leaf to the mix. Salt and pepper as you go along. Add potatoes and the chicken (I let the chicken marinate in salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, and some cream for several hours). Next, to thicken I added about 1/4 cup of flour, stirred it in, and cooked it for a few minutes before deglazing the pan with some white wine. Add a can of crushed tomatoes and enough chicken stock to cover all the vegetables. Cook for about half an hour (until potatoes are cooked through). In the last ten minutes, add the white beans (2 cans) and some kale. Serve with delicious garlic, parm crostini. Yum.

CDR and I also made a home made pizza a few nights ago. We used one of those prepared store-bought crusts (whole wheat, thin crust). I doctored up some jarred red sauce with wine, chili pepper, and garlic. We spread the red sauce on the crust, leaving an acceptable border. Then we topped the red sauce with garlic, green peppers, broccoli (extra broccoli, extra good), and lots of fresh basil. Then came the cheese: mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan. Sliced white onion, pepperoni, and even more fresh basil on top of that. Bake at 450 for about twelve minutes…and of course, garnish with basil.

For Saturday’s block party–CDR made bratwursts. He simmered them first in beer, peppers, and onions before I tossed them on the grill. We toasted up buns and served with some mustard seed cheddar cheese (find it at Trader Joe’s) and the peppers and onions. Pictures coming.

We also tried a wine called Vinho Verde at the request of thewinegetter. Thanks so much for that rec. It went very well with cheese and crackers. It also had a very nice effervescent quality, which typically I don’t like. But I liked it here…maybe because the wine wasn’t very sweet.

And breathe. There’s the food recap. I want to take a moment now to thank all my readers and followers (whether you’ve been here from day one or are a new follower). This blog has helped keep me sane. And I know that in the grand scheme of things, this summer is but a rough moment…but damn, it’s been a ROUGH. So thanks for coming back. You’re awesome. And please, follow in Mr. Winegetter’s footsteps and offer your culinary suggestions. I’d love to hear your thoughts and favorites.

I have a long bus ride ahead (not quite long enough to do any emotional damage), but with each passing mile, I’m getting closer to some peace of mind and an ocean. Thanks for stopping by.









A Must-Try Red Wine

Just tried this great red wine. Primitivo di Manduria by epicuro. I’ve been diggin’ epicuro lately and this is no exception. From the “heel of Italy,” it smells perfectly murky and finishes delightfully smokey. Give it a try. Just $6 at Trader Joe’s.

Love and Alcohol, kids.


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